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GnuDIP Release 2.3.5 - Windows Client Script

With this client you can have your IP address updated automatically at several GnuDIP sites simultaneously. This client will only send an update to the GnuDIP servers if the IP address at the time of the last update is no longer valid, or enough time has expired. The validity of the old address is determined without generating any network traffic.

The gdipc.bat script serves as the GnuDIP client. The encpass.bat is also described below. These scripts are simultaneously Perl scripts and Windows bat files.

We assume from here on that you have installed this Windows client in C:\gdipc.

We also assume that you chose to have C:\gdipc listed in your %PATH% environment variable during the installation of this client software. Thus you should be able to run gdipc.bat at the command prompt like this:

C:\>gdipc -c
Otherwise at the command prompt you will have to use:
C:\>C:\gdipc\gdipc.bat -c

As a convenience, you may also run gdipc -c by simply opening (e.g. double-clicking) the file C:\gdipc\config.bat.

The client's features include: